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Doggobone Ostrich 500g

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You're not the only one with aspirations. Your pooch dreams of hunting the big game... the ultimate conquest! The Mighty Ostrich!

Ostrich is hypoallergenic and low in cholesterol and fat.  This lean meat is high in iron, B vitamins (especially B12) and other nutrients, and has a great omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, making this a wonderful health food for your dog.  Especially great for dogs with chicken allergies, this Ostrich meal is one of our most popular raw dog foods.

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Product Information

All Doggobone's raw ingredients are sourced locally, from Department of Health approved establishments within South Africa and certified fit for human consumption. No chemicals, preservatives, flavourings, denatured or rendered products are used to enhance the appearance, taste or texture of the meals. Everything Doggobone uses is grown and farmed in the Republic of South Africa. They grow some of their own vegetables to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment and to promote sustainability and create more employment.

The proteins in their minced meals are derived from a number of sources e.g. Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Ostrich, Duck and Game. These are combined with seasonal vegetables, fruit and herbs. On the recommendation of their Nutritionist they have also added an approved vitamin and mineral to close the ‘gap’ in the event any nutrients are lost during the production processes. By combining a wider range of ingredients improves the nutritional benefit and integrity of the product as a complete and balanced meal. Each variant may be fed as a meal on its own, or combined to create a balance for the nutritional benefit of your dog or cat.


Ostrich, Venison, Unbleached Tripe, Liver, Vegetables, Fruit, Yoghurt, Chicory,
Alfalfa Meal, Sun-Dried Kelp, Organic Diatomaceous, Phytonutrients, Essential Vitamins and Minerals.
Ostrich and Venison are finely ground including bone. NO CHICKEN.
Unless specified, all organ meat is from Beef / Sheep origin.

Nutritional Info

Guaranteed Analysis (g/kg): Crude protein 120g (min); Moisture 750g (max),
Crude fat 60g (min); Crude fibre 20g (max) and Ash 45g (max).
Composition: Meat including bone - 60%, Organ Meat-20%, Vegetables and fruit-159%, Supplements - 5%, Ca: P ratio-1.5:1

Defrosting Instructions (Raw Products)

This product contains raw meat – Use appropriate hygiene measures when handling and storing. Handle in the same way that you would any raw meat product at home.

Use a Separate preparation area, clean and disinfect the area and utensils before and after preparing raw pet food. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after preparing raw pet food.

Keep frozen until ready to use, only defrost required amount. Thaw in pets bowl or sealed container before serving. Remove product from contents from packaging. Use a sharp knife and carefully cut along side the length of packaging, once thawed store in a sealed container in a refrigerator, separately from human food. DO NOT REFREEZE. Feed within 3 days of thawing in refrigerator.

Mix thaw juice into food using a clean spoon. Do not discard the thaw juice as it can lead to a nutritional imbalance.

Discard any uneaten as soon as practically possible.

How Much Do I Feed?

Cats:  usually 100g to 200g a day divided into two meals.  250g to 300g for a fully grown Maine Coon!

Puppies:  4%-8% of their ideal weight, divided into 3 meals a day.  Drop this to 3%-6% if your pup is a giant breed (like bullmastiffs, Great Danes, etc – chat to us if you’re unsure).

Adult Dogs (Tiny to Large breeds):  2%-4% of their ideal weight per day, divided into 2 meals.

Adult Dogs (Giant breeds):  1%-3% of their ideal weight pet day, divided into 2 meals

Old Dogs (all breeds):  1%-3% of their ideal weight pet day, divided into 2 meals

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Delivery Info

We deliver all our products throughout Cape Town and surrounding areas (visit our shipping info page for the full list). Non-frozen products can be shipped anywhere in South Africa - please contact us if the postal code checker rejects your code so we can quote you on the cost.

Cape Town Deliveries

- R74 for orders under 5kgs

- R94 for orders between 5kgs and 20kgs

- thereafter an additional R18 for every extra 10kgs.

Bordering or Outlying Areas

If our postal code checker "rejects" your code then you're outside our immediate delivery area. If you see your area on this list we can still deliver to you but please email or call us directly to arrange. Costs are listed in our Shipping Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Marli De Florenca
Raw diet

My 9yr old doggie has lost a lot of extra weight and now has so much more energy. She loves the food. Currently giving her doggobone classic and ostrich.

Jaime Jordaan
Life changing

I have a Boston terrier who has suffered his whole life with a chronic skin rash. This food absolutely changed his life and the rash is gone. He loves it too!

Ru McDonald
My dog loves it!

My dog absolutely loves this! She inhales her food ;)

Lyn Bauer
I was hoping it we’d stop the scratching

Zara loves her raw food but hasn’t helped with he scratching sobo


According to Harvey and Toffee, this food is the best in WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!